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In order to demonstrate our track record in our fields of expertise, we have summarised a selection of our projects, which have been recently completed or which are ongoing.

For each of the selected projects we provide a descriptive summary of the project itself, as well as outlining the nature of our involvement and our responsibilities in its execution. We also provide some general project data. The projects are of a diverse nature, and include large stadium structures, buildings, bridges and tunnels.
We are proud of the diversity of skills and expertise, which we can offer to our clients.

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UKPN Kingston Substation Enclosure


Client: Banagher Precast Concrete
Banagher Precast Concrete

United Kingdom

2011 – Current

Services Provided:

Exstrado was responsible for design, analysis and detailing for all precast concrete elements and in-situ concrete deck slab of this transfer structure enclosing an existing UKPN transformer station. The purpose of the enclosure is to support hotel and apartment developments of the substation enclosure. Precast concrete elements comprised columns, pre-tensioned W-Beams, walls panels, chimney and vent structures. The span of the transfer structure is 35m supporting up to 3 storeys of apartments. The entire structure is subsequently clad with steel plating to enclose electromagnetic radiation emanating from the substation.

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