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In order to demonstrate our track record in our fields of expertise, we have summarised a selection of our projects, which have been recently completed or which are ongoing.

For each of the selected projects we provide a descriptive summary of the project itself, as well as outlining the nature of our involvement and our responsibilities in its execution. We also provide some general project data. The projects are of a diverse nature, and include large stadium structures, buildings, bridges and tunnels.
We are proud of the diversity of skills and expertise, which we can offer to our clients.

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St. Patricks School


Client: Banagher Concrete Limited
Banagher Concrete Limited

Dublin, Ireland


Services Provided:

The new school building, with a footprint area of some 2400m2 and a total value of EUR5 million, comprises 3 levels of classrooms and a large Gymnasium, together with teachers rooms, library, storage rooms, kitchen facilities and other utility rooms. In order to facilitate completion within the constraints of the project programme, it was decided by the Main Contractor to construct the walls of the building in precast concrete panels. Banagher Concrete were appointed by the main contractor as the supplier of all precast elements, including suspended floors, on a design and supply basis. Banagher Concrete in turn appointed Exstrado as their structural engineers and is responsible for the analysis, design and detailing of the precast walling system, and for the preparation of all of the requisite production drawings. With a total wall area of some 5800m2, some 450 panels wall panels will be required.

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