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In order to demonstrate our track record in our fields of expertise, we have summarised a selection of our projects, which have been recently completed or which are ongoing.

For each of the selected projects we provide a descriptive summary of the project itself, as well as outlining the nature of our involvement and our responsibilities in its execution. We also provide some general project data. The projects are of a diverse nature, and include large stadium structures, buildings, bridges and tunnels.
We are proud of the diversity of skills and expertise, which we can offer to our clients.

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Lancaster Plus Bridge


Client: Niall Fitzsimons & Co.
Niall Fitzsimons & Co.

River Lee, Cork, Ireland

2005 – 2006

Services Provided:

The bridge provides access to a new hotel and residential development in Cork. For environmental reasons, river piers were not permissible; the bridge had to comprise a single span of 24m. Due to hydraulic freeboard requirements and the levels of the existing approach roads, a simply supported span was not feasible. The design put forward by EXSTRADO to meet these design constraints comprised a simply supported drop-in span of 15m length supported on large abutment cantilevers, which in turn are supported on a set of 900mm diameter tension and compression piles. Due to the fact that large hogging moments could now be developed at the abutments, the central drop in span could be made slender. It comprises precast concrete rectangular beams, curved in elevation, acting compositely with an in-situ concrete deck slab. The abutment cantilevers, with a mass of 62t, are in reinforced concrete, and are connected to the tension piles by means of diameter 50mm Macalloy bars prestressed to full working load. The design not only complied with all environmental, hydraulic and aesthetic requirements, but also has the added benefit that all construction works could take place from the riverbanks, with no disturbance to the river channel. The completed structure is clad in cut limestone, to yield the required architectural finish.


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